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At BEST BIRDS, I strive to breed quality, healthy and happy birds.
To provide my customers with the BEST BABY BIRD possible, no matter what species they may choose.

My birds are a part of my family, and the chicks they produce, when hand reared and weaned, are sent to families and people, who will love and care for them as part of their family.
Before you aquire a bird, you should check on the bird's specific care needs.
Research on the type of bird that you want either at a library, buy a book, or search if you can on the Internet, where you will find information on the different species, type of diet and care.

If you live in a small flat or townhouse, a noisy bird may disturb your neighbours.
If you aquire the species that you want, make sure that your cage is large enough for your bird's wingspan; your bird will want to move around and play.
Make sure that you have enough toys for your bird to enjoy. Birds who are bored will become lethargic and moody. They need stimulation and your company.
If you cannot give them much of your company because you are working, then get another bird for a companion. Leave a radio on, so that they have sound.

Most captive pet birds, come from a tropical area, and are not used to cold weather conditions.
The cage should be in an area that your birds can have natural sunlight on a regular basis. A cover should be used to keep draughts at bay, and also to cover the cage at night. Bird's need at least 10hours uninterupted sleep at night, to stay healthy.

Cages must be kept clean, this also will keep your bird in a heathly condition.
It is also healthier for you too. Do not use commercial cleaners, as they can contain many toxic substances for your birds. Use a disinfectant that can be diluted to make sure that no germs are left behind. If unsure ask your local Veterinarian. Always rinse very carefully after cleaning the cage and dishes.
Water and food dishes must be cleaned daily, as they get soiled quickly.
Most birds tend to drop particles of food into their water dishes.
If you have to, change their water dishes more than once a day.

Parrot's and other bird species are usually very clever and inteligent, they need lots of attention to keep them happy and heathly. You must make time for them as much as possible.

Their diet is also very important. Give them fresh fruit (in moderation), and fresh vegetables. Fruit and vegetables should be washed free from pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals.
Fruit should be given in smaller quantities, as they contain a high natural sugar content,
A high energy food can be purchased, like seed from your local pet shop.
If unsure, again ask your Veterinarian, also ask about vitamins.
Do not in any circumstances feed your bird's, mushrooms or avocado. Also alcohol, chocolate, tea, or coffee is a definate NO NO.
Some fruit pips, crayons, foil, mirror backing and nicotine are also poison to your bird's.

Keeping your bird heathly and happy, will allow you to enjoy your pet and companion for many long years.

                               REMEMBER A HEALTHY BIRD IS A HAPPY BIRD

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