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My new companion

Posted by Norma on Sunday 21st December 2014 at 17:30:06
 I and Apollo now have a new companion, a Doberman Pinscher female named Donna.

I contacted Doberman Rescue who do a wonderful job of assisting past owners and the SPCA of finding new homes for Doberman Pinschers, dogs who's owners have passed away and owners who are relocating to where they cannot take their dogs.

Within a few weeks I was contacted about some dogs who were left in a warehouse that was sold.
The new owner kept the 2 older dogs who were the parents of the 4 younger dogs, 2 males and 2 females.

I adopted one of those females, her name is Donna. She was a little nervous at first and did not want anything to do with Apollo.

Now they are the best of friends, although she sometimes does growl at him when she does not want to play.

At first she thought that jumping on my bed was acceptable, but after learning that No means No, she has accepted that her bed is her bed.

She was not used to cats so likes to bark at them, we are still trying to fix that.

She has lost her nervous disposition and is so relaxed now, so much so that she greets everyone in my family and visitors alike with wanting to lick them to death.

She has settled in and likes to be by my side every minute of the day and sleeps by my bed along with Apollo. In fact when I go out shoping then she cry's to go with me.

Both Apollo and Donna had their check up at my vet, their booster shots, their worming and their tablet for flees and ticks, the vet said both were healthy and fit. All I have to do is fatten Donna up as she was rather thin standing beside Apollo.

Donna a few days after arriving outside the cottage that is being built.

Apollo with the black collar and Donna with the red collar, relaxing on the carpet.
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