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Yesterday I said goodbye to my beloved birds.

Posted by Norma on Sunday 5th May 2013 at 07:46:10
185 comments on this post - most recent Monday 6th May 2013 at 13:13:34

Today I am still feeling a lump in my throat, and my garden is so quiet.
No bird calls to awaken me, except for the last of the baby budgies that were removed yesterday morning from the nest boxes.
It is the last lot of babies that I will be hand-rearing.

Yesterday my good friends, Flippie and Karen arived early to take my beloved pet birds. Attie and Shakira, Joey and Mia, the Sun Conures, Coco the Blue Crown Conure, and my 60 plus Budgies, as well as 2 pairs of Show Budgies.

The other 2 pair of Show Budgies were left as they have hatched some eggs and are sitting on other eggs, (my first baby Show Budgies). These will be going to my grandson Kean, as I have given him one of my aviaries with 20 baby Budgies that were parent reared.
He along with his father booked the very first baby Show Budgie last year when I bought them. So he will get the babies along with the parents which will start him off as a bird breeder.

Kean and his sister Dene used to help me with the hand-rearing and socializing of the baby birds when on their school holidays.
They also helped with the feeding and cleaning of the aviaries, and when I was in hospital they also helped their mother who was feeding the baby birds and taking care of the feeding of the other older birds.

It is with great sadness in my heart that I am no longer able to breed birds as it was amazing and joyfull watching the antics of the older birds playing and flying in the aviaries. I would stand or sit in the cages as the birds would land and interact with me, getting kisses, having their curious little beaks testing my hair and climbing into my pockets looking for something.

I cried when my pets left and everytime I think of them I get a lump in my throat, but I know that they will be loved and cared for by Flippie and Karen. 
They have also promised to keep me up to date with photo's and emails when I eventually go overseas.

Goodbye my beloved pets.

Comment submitted by Natasja on Monday 6th May 2013 at 13:13:34

Hi Norma - I can imagine how you feel - your blog even leaves a tear in my eye. They brought you lots of loving memories and happiness. Lucky they are going to a very good home and will be taken care of.  All the Best :-)

Thank you Natasja, I know that my friends will take good care of them, they have already sent me a picture of Coco who is inside their house.

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