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Baby Budgies and even more eggs are hatching.

Posted by Norma on Tuesday 18th December 2012 at 19:21:42

It is just as well that I am having a break from hand-rearing.

In total 14 baby Budgies have hatched in October and were reared by their parents.
They have  all left the nest and are enjoying their freedom flying in the avairies.
Blue, yellow. white and green. with a few spangles and albino babies.

One little green one had a broken beak, but I am happy to report that his beak is growing and he is managing to feed.
At first I took him into the baby room, where I have my show budgies. But alas he was not happy and just sat moping. So I took him back to the avairy, he was happy again and was enjoying the companionship of the others.

Now there are another 10 babies that have hatched, with more eggs being laid nearly every day.

Also 2 pairs of my show budgies are sitting on a total 15 eggs, this is their first eggs and I can hardly wait for their eggs to hatch.

2 of the expecting fathers of my show budgies, the females are sitting on the eggs and I do not want to disturb them.

I will take more pictures if and when the eggs hatch.

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