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Dear God, remind us how important it is to always have a sense of humor.
Help us to renew and refresh ourselves with little mirth breaks to ease the
tensions and stress that so often feed our weary spirits.
Strengthen our friendships and special relationships with sustainable smiles
and cheerful attitudes. AMEN

Since I can remember I have been fond and a lover of birds, in fact all animals, especially dogs and cats.

14 January 2019
I am no longer breeding Budgerigars and have sold all my breeding pairs. I now only have 2 of my intial hand-reared Budgerigars, Joey and his sister Crystal.

Crystal is the little female that was badly injured when she was a chick in the nest box, whereby another jealous female attacked her on her head. Due to this she has never bred and has never once laid any eggs. She is was not like the other hens who would not come down for attention from me. She is friendly like the cocks and comes for kisses and to be petted.
2013 FEBRUARY 2013
I have decided to retire from Bird Breeding as the work involved is now getting too much for me. At present I am only breeding Budgerigars and hand-rearing the baby chicks. I only allow them to breed, my other birds are now only kept as pets. 
I have sold most of my breeding pairs of birds and in a few months time my Budgerigars and my other birds will be going to my dear friends, Flippie and his wife Karen. They are breeders and will be looking after my birds.

2014 March 2014

If you are wondering why suddenly there are New Logo's on my website, it is because I have joined the Consortium to help fight the injustice and the discrimination of British pensioners (I am one of them) of the British government towards pensioners who have chozen to live outaide the UK, mainly in commonwealth countries. If you are a British pensioner or will be in the future, after reading this hopefully  you will contact me and join myself and others in this fight. I am now sending out a newsletter to any British expat pensioner living in South Africa.
I also have started a Facebook page (British State Pensioners Worldwide) both are free to join.


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