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Dear God, remind us how important it is to always have a sense of humor.
Help us to renew and refresh ourselves with little mirth breaks to ease the
tensions and stress that so often feed our weary spirits.
Strengthen our friendships and special relationships with sustainable smiles
and cheerful attitudes. AMEN

Since I can remember I have been fond and a lover of birds, in fact all animals, especially dogs and cats.

Luckily I had parents who felt the same, my first dog was a collie, I remember his name, Nicky. I was very little, a toddler in fact. I do remember though that he always lay beside my cot and bed. Sadly he was run over by a doctor rushing to an emergency. I still have a photo of him somewhere.
My first cat was a big black and white tabby, his name was just Tabby. I do not know what happened to him as I was in hospital for 2 years with a collapsed lung.
During this time, my parents moved into a tenement flat in Glasgow, Scotland.
When I was allowed home from the hospital, my parents bought me my first bird.
A Budgerigar, I named him Joey, later on it became clear Joey was a she, my Aunt received the male, Corky. Joey was blue and Corky was green.
Joey, one day fell into my glass of lukozade at the side of my bed, luckily we got her out before she could drown.
She lived for about 5 years then she got egg bound and died.
We left Glasgow and moved to Paisley, Scotland, when I was 10years old.
My Aunt then got me a puppy, a whippet called Brandy, then my parents bought me 2 white Budgerigars, Snowy and Snow.
When I was 12years old, Snow fell off the ladders in his cage caught his leg and died with a broken neck. Snowy died shortly after, my dad thought she had a broken heart after losing her mate. A few weeks later, Brandy developed a brain tumor, and the vet said we had to put her to sleep, my mum brought her home first to allow me to say goodbye. I was determined then that I would take Brandy, her blanket, dishes and leash, my post office saving stamp book and run away back to Glasgow to my aunt. I was sure she could heal Brandy. I never got very far as the local Police bobby new my father, and found me walking along the road with all my worldly possessions.
When he asked me where I was going, I was in tears as I told him my story. He then took me home. That was the day that I lost my beloved friend and companion, he followed me to school would go home and then come and meet me again after school.
We had been inseparable.
I was so broken hearted; I had lost my birds and my dog within 2 months. I was so ill that my mother took me to the doctor; he recommended that I have no more pets until I was older.
It was only when I came to South Africa in the 70’s that my husband and I bought a puppy for my 2 children. The next day it was stolen from our garden.
A friend then had a 3year old Doberman pinscher that she was looking for someone to look after; they had to move into a flat until they could find another house to buy.
Her name was Susie, and at first we were very wary of her, as I had only known Dobermans as very fierce guards dogs before. She was an angel, excellent with the children, and watched them like they were her children.
After 3 months my friend found a house and I took Susie back to them, an hour later I heard her barking outside, she had run away and came back to us.
This happened 3 times, even after being locked for a week. Eventually they told us we could keep her.
That was when I decided to breed her, and let them have the pick of the litter.
I read up on every thing I could find on Dobermans and breeding. I registered as a breeder with KUSA.
I have had 11 Dobermans through the years. I no longer breed them but I still have 1 male Dobermans,  Apollo as well as a female that I got from Doberman rescue, her name is Donna.
In the past I have bred German Shepherds, Quaver, Hirundo (Rundo), Kirsch, and Zena. I had strays whom I have adopted.  I still love my Dobermans though.
I also have 2 cats, Capri and Lady.
I have also had 2 horses, Goldie (A palomino) and her foal (Gambit).
Now I am a breeder of birds, quite by accident though.
I bought 2 young Plumhead females, and then 2 young males and an Aviary.
The females kept escaping their cages, and as my windows and doors were usually open I was afraid they would fly out.
I went on a holiday for 3 months to Britain the first time in 35 years that I had went back.
The week before I was due back, my eldest daughter and husband installed a 4 cage Aviary in my garden, full of birds, Sun Conure’s, Plumhead’s, Moustache Parakeet’s and Cockatiel’s. They could no longer keep them.
Now I was officially a breeder.
I now have Ringneck’s, Budgerigar’s, Jenday Conure’s. My birds all have their own names that and are to numerous to mention here.   
I hand-rear all the chicks, when they are 3 weeks old before selling them to approved buyers only after I make sure they are fully weaned and can fly with fully developed strong muscles in their wings. I try to keep in touch afterwards, and I encourage them to give me feedback on all of my babies.
2012 FEBRUARY 2012  
I now have an African Grey Parrot, a Maximillion Parrot, another Sun Conure that cannot fly, a Blue Crowned Conure, Senegal Parrots and another Rainbow Lorikeet that I have adopted because the owners could not keep them.
I also have 2 pair of Sun Conure’s, 2 pair of Jenday Conure’s and 1 parent reared baby Jenday’s, 1 pair of Plumhead’s and 3 baby Plumhead’s,  1 pair of Ringneck’s,  and 28 Budgerigar’s.

2013 FEBRUARY 2013

I have decided to retire from Bird Breeding as the work involved is now getting too much for me. At present I am only breeding Budgerigars and hand-rearing the baby chicks. I only allow them to breed, my other birds are now only kept as pets. 
I have sold most of my breeding pairs of birds and in a few months time my Budgerigars and my other birds will be going to my dear friends, Flippie and his wife Karen. They are breeders and will be looking after my birds.

2014 March 2014

If you are wondering why suddenly there are New Logo's on my website, it is because I have joined the Consortium to help fight the injustice and the discrimination of British pensioners (I am one of them) of the British government towards pensioners who have chozen to live outaide the UK, mainly in commonwealth countries. If you are a British pensioner or will be in the future, after reading this hopefully  you will contact me and join myself and others in this fight. I am now sending out a newsletter to any British expat pensioner living in South Africa.
I also have started a Facebook page (British State Pensioners Worldwide) both are free to join.


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